Rules and user agreement

The terms that are used in affiliate program

  • Online-casino is the resource in the Internet that makes the organization of gambling games holding in online-mode.
  • Web-master (an affiliating person, a partner, an affiliate) is a person who accepts an offer to the website and works on promotion of the brand CashHunter in the Internet.
  • Affiliate-program is an advertising agency that specializes on promotion of the client’s brand and involvement of Players with the help of the partners’ schemes.
  • Playeris the user who has checked-in an account in the online-casino with the help of partners’ reference.
  • Earning is a commission per cent from the income of the casino that the web-master ears from a player whom he has involved in the online-casino.
  • Payment is the transferring of the Earnings to a Web-master from the account of Affiliate-program CashHunter to any payment system with which Affiliate-program cooperates.
  • Reporting period is the time during which the accumulation and the calculation of the Earning are made for next Payment.
  • Promo-materials are materials (reviews, banners, references) that are used with web-material in order to involve Players to the websites of Affiliate-program.

Working conditions with Affiliate-program CashHunter

Before starting the work with Affiliate-program CashHunter each web-master must learn and accept the following rulers:

  • If a Web-master takes part in Affiliate-program CashHunter he agrees that the said rulers can be changed at any time and without the notification to a Web-master.
  • Joining Affiliate-program CashHunter, a Web-master confirms that he has reached 18 years.
  • Affiliate-program CashHunter doesn’t take responsibility in the case of loss of the personal information. A Web-master takes responsibility by himself for the safety of the information with the help of which he visits Affiliate-program.
  • Affiliate-program CashHunter can refuse to work with a Web-master without any explanation of the reasons.
  • Affiliate-program CashHunter has got the right to change the Rules information. The Rules that are written in the website are valid. Affiliate-program doesn’t lead the changes chronology of the Rules information.
  • Affiliate-program CashHunter prohibits using spam in mailing while promoting. If in the Web-master’s actions there will be found any actions connected with spam mailing, Affiliate-program reserves the right to block the Web-master’s profile in the case of which the payment of earning isn’t made.
  • Web-master is prohibited to make his own check-in in the gambling projects by using Affiliate-program. In the case of detection of the present violation Affiliate-program makes the block of Web-master’s account in Affiliate-program as well as the Gamer’s accounts in the gambling project. The given rule is extended to relatives and all persons whom Web-master knows personally.
  • Affiliate-program provides to Web-masters the graphical materials as well as unique text support for placing. The use of incorrect text support can be the reason for termination of the agreement between Web-master and Affiliate-program unilaterally.
  • Web-masters are prohibited using cookie stuffing in their work.
  • Web-masters are prohibited using click fraud as this action is considered to be fraud and it is also directed at the waste of budget that is put into the opponents’ advertisement that can have any expression.
  • Affiliate-program CashHunter has the right to ask Web-master the information about a traffic source with the help of which he will promote the brands of Affiliate-program. If Web-master refuses to show or inform about his traffic sources, Affiliate-program has the right to refuse to cooperate with the Web-master.
  • Affiliate-program CashHunter has the right not to pay to Web-master for those gamers who have multi-account in the online casino. If the per cent of the gamers with multi-account is more than 20%, Affiliate-program has the right to block the Web-master’s account or not to pay him the commission.
  • Web-master is prohibited to have two or more accounts in Affiliate-program. It is prohibited to check-in in Affiliate-program as a sub-partner if Web-master has the status of supervisor of account or in the case when Web-master has already had one account. If in the process of the promotion Web-master needs to use two or more accounts then Web-master is obliged to inform about it to the Affiliate-program support and provide the reasons of the present necessity.
  • Affiliate-program has the right to freeze Web-masters payments if the administration of the brand or Affiliate-program believes that any rules have been violated during the promotion. The payments can be frozen up to the finding out the reasons or circumstances. If Web-master has broken the rules of the work with Affiliate-program CashHunter, Affiliate-program has the right to block the account without paying the earning.
  • Affiliate-program CashHunter has the right to make changes in Web-master’s financial accounts in the case of finding the gamers’ fraudulent actions. The change of the balance is made at any time of the day in the unlimited mode.
  • If Web-master uses unprintable speech, swear-words and insults, Affiliate-program has the right to refuse to serve Web-master with the support service as well as to block the account without the following payment of the earning.
  • Any private communication or any correspondence between the representative of Affiliate-program and Web-master is secret information that can’t be disclosed. It is not allowed to show the correspondences to the third persons, retell the point of the conversation, bring information to the public attention (it concerns the pieces of the correspondents as well as conversations). In the case of detection of the present point violation, Affiliate-program reserves the right to refuse from the cooperation with Web-master and also to block Web-master’s account not paying the earning.
  • Affiliate-program CashHunter has the right to refuse cooperating with Web-master in the case of disinformation, abuse of information or baseless accusations of Web-master.
  • Each Web-master can see in his account the statistic and information about Gamers who have been brought to Affiliate-program brands. Affiliate-program CashHunter has the right not to provide any other statistic or any other confidential information.
  • If Web-master indicates the false information about what definite traffic source he has, Affiliate-program CashHunter has the right to refuse cooperating with Web-master and block the account without the following payment of earning.
  • Affiliate-program CashHunter follows the rule according to which it is considered that a Gamer will be accepted to that Web-master whose link is the first that Game clicks and makes the check-in in the brand.
  • Affiliate-program CashHunter reserves the right to reduce revenue share to 40% from the casino net income in the case if less than 200 check-in of new gamers have come from the partner during 30 calendar days.
  • Affiliate-program CashHunter doesn’t guarantee that Web-master will get the text warning that his account is blocked by the Affiliate-program Administration. Affiliate-program doesn’t also guarantee that Web-master will get the notification about the commission per cent decrease about his account.

If Web-master violates any of the presented above rules or conditions of cooperation, Affiliate-program CashHunter has the right to block the Web-master’s account in CashHunter system with no paying Earning to Web-master without any explanations of the reasons of the present actions.

The structure of the commission charging from Affiliate-program CashHunter

Web-master gets the earning that is counted in percentage from the brands’ net income from each Gamer whom the present Web-master has brought. Each Web-master gets up to 70% from casino net income (the present sum is counted taking into account the commission for the payment systems, the platform, games, bonuses and others). In the first month after the check-in Web-master gets 70% from the casino net income, in the second month – 60%, since the third month Web-masters who involve in Affiliate-program from 200 registrations in a month get 50% from the casino income, and in the other cases Web-masters income is 40%. The actual information about the percentage rate is always pointed in Web-master’s account.

Working conditions with Web-master according to CPA

CPA is a model of commission charging to Web-master from Affiliate-program in which Web-master gets the definite sum of money when a gamer contributes the first deposit in the brand that Web-master promotes.

In the case when Web-master wants to work with Affiliate-program according to CPA system, he must address Affiliate-program CashHunter technical service support with the present request. In the case of absence of the present appeal, the commission according to CPA model will not be paid to Web-master as the earning. The working conditions according to the present model are negotiated individually.

When Affiliate-program forms the rate that Web-master will get for the first Gamer’s deposit, Affiliate-program takes into account different information: finance that Gamer brings to Affiliate-program brand, the activity duration and others. The rate amount can be changed if some points are changed. The way how the analysis is made is secure information that is disclosed nor to Web-master nor to the third persons.

Before making the contract about the work according to CPA model, Affiliate-program has the right to ask to make a testing advertisement of one of the brands that is chosen by Affiliate-program with the aim to identify the traffic quality that is sent to the project. In the case if the traffic isn’t satisfied, Affiliate-program reserves the right not to pay commission to Web-master and move on to discussion another cooperation conditions.

In the case if Web-master refuses to make a testing advertisement of one of Affiliate-program brands, Affiliate-program has the right to refuse in cooperation with Web-master.

Payments that are made by Affiliate-program

Affiliate-program CashHunter has determined two Review Periods: from the 1st to the 15th and fron the 16th to 30th (31st) of each month. The earning is transferred to Web-master during 5 days (not including holidays and weekends) after the end of the Review Period. Late payments are possible in the case if there is the check of the traffic, or if suspicious activity of Web-master’s Gamers is registered. The delay duration can be different, it is determined by Affiliate-program on its own. The minimum payment is 10 USD. If Web-master doesn’t get the Earning for the Review Period that is equal to the minimum payment it means that the present sum is transferred to the further Review Period.

If Web-master is not active in Affiliate-program during long period of time and gets the Earning from the balance so his profile can be frozen. In order to unblock the account system, Web-master should address Affiliate-program support. Involvement of referrals

Each Web-master can earn in Affiliate-program not only by involving the Clients but also by other Web-masters. Web-master has the opportunity to get up to 10% from the referral’s income who has been involved into Affiliate-program.

Contentious situations

In the case of disputes Affiliate-program accepts the arguments of all the sides and considers them maximum honest and with an open mind towards to everyone. Send to the technical support of Affiliate-program an e-mail with description of contentious situations and also with providing of all the materials that relate to the present dispute, and wait for the answer and the supporter’s decision during 14 days. If the e-mail that has been sent to the technical support of Affiliate-program contains any unprintable words, slanders or insulting then it will be deleted. The decision that has been taken by Affiliate-program is not considered and it is final.