Basic questions on the CashHunter partner program

What is CashHunter affiliate program and how does it work?

An affiliate program is the best marketing method in which collaboration is made between a product and webmasters, or those who own advertising tools on the Web. This program is used to promote and offer the audience various brands of the gambling industry that have a high reputation.

CashHunter affiliate program provides webmasters with promotional materials with available various promotion methods: placement of text links, banners, advertising articles in blogs, websites, and other channels of interaction with the audience. A webmaster makes money with an affiliate program by advertising products connected to an affiliate network. Visitors of the webmaster’s website, who follow the unique link provided by the affiliate program, register at the online casino, make deposits and play, bringing the webmaster profit as a percentage on RevShare, or the agreed amount on CPA.

How to become a partner in the CashHunter affiliate program?

Creating a profile and start earning money with the CashHunter affiliate program is very simple: you need less than a minute to do this. Fill in the data in the registration form: enter the name or company name, e-mail, Skype, and also create a password. Before the registration, you have to read the “Terms and Conditions” and accept them.

Is it free to participate in the affiliate program?

Membership in the CashHunter affiliate program is free. After registration, you become a full partner. The program does not have requirements for minimum contributions or the minimum number of players that must be brought in to receive the payment.

For what reasons is it worth becoming a partner of the CashHunter affiliate program?

Each partner at a set time receives a decent profit of up to 70% under the RevShare program or the agreed amount under the CPA program for the player who will be brought to the online casino. Working under the RevShare program, you make a profit ad vitam from each player who continues to play on brands represented in the affiliate program. Payments are executed 2 times a month until the 5th and the 20th day, so you have the opportunity to receive stable commissions. The affiliate program CashHunter represents more than one gambling brand, which means you have more opportunities to earn.

How much can I earn by working with the CashHunter affiliate program?

We cannot give an exact answer to this question since the income of our partners differs from the structure of traffic, its type, quality, and volume. Some partners with whom the CashHunter affiliate program collaborates earn up to 100,000 rubles a week. The number of players that you bring to the online casino depends only on your diligence, ambition, and perseverance. Before you begin, you should understand that the webmaster produces a rather time-consuming process that requires deep knowledge and experience, not without certain difficulties and pitfalls. Specialists working in the CashHunter affiliate program will always help and answer your questions, you need to be diligent and constantly learn new trends. Our affiliate program provides for arising questions from webmasters, therefore, we have created a department of specialists that supports you.

Can you trust the CashHunter affiliate program?

Yes, of course. As in any business, an impeccable reputation is very important when working with gambling brands and the affiliate program that represents them. Only a serious and honest attitude towards webmasters and players can serve as a guarantee of growth and prosperity. Our main requirements are honesty and transparency. It is important for us to build a long-term and strong relationship with a partner. We do not pursue short-term profits but are always aimed at long-term cooperation.

What does it take to become a successful webmaster?

There is no universal on recipe how to become a successful webmaster. As in other important business, which can bring good money, you need to be prepared for long and hard work, you are also required to learn fast, be perseverance, and be able to quickly make even difficult decisions and find innovative solutions to complicated situations. Learn SEO, SMM marketing, UI, and UX, try to delve into all types of online product promotion, analyze the results achieved on your successful and erroneous cases. An important factor that can lead to success is the help of comrades who are versed in this matter, as well as specialists representing the CashHunter affiliate program.

What promotional materials does the CashHunter affiliate program provide?

The affiliate program offers each webmaster a full range of advertising tools and materials that will help him successfully bring new players to the online casino. At your disposal will be banners of various formats, as well as motivating reviews and articles that can be placed on your site in just a few minutes. Our affiliate program has one distinctive feature and the main advantage - the existing advertising products that are constantly being modernized and improved, there is a constant dynamic. You just have to follow the news, because in the news section we will constantly publish various promotions, add promotional materials, as well as make various updates.

Does the CashHunter affiliate program have a support service?

Yes, there is. You can contact the affiliate program support team with questions at any time from 10.00 to 20.00 on weekdays. The site shows the current contacts for communication. You can use e-mail, Skype and Telegram. If you left your request on the weekend, then the response time of the support service may take some time. And the answer will come on the next weekday.

If a personal manager is already assigned to you, we recommend you contact him directly.

Creating a partner link and promotional materials

How to create an affiliate link?

Creating one promo takes no more than 1 minute. To create an affiliate link, you should go to your account and enter the “Promotional materials” section. Next, click on the “Add Promo” subsection. You will be offered the choice of creating a link, banner, or gif banner. Choose one of the options depending on the format of advertising. After that, select the project you plan to direct traffic to. After choosing a project, decide on a landing page and click on the “Next” button. You will be transferred to the Configuration page. If you want to track your traffic by trackers, select a tracker in the drop-down list. If the tracker has not been created, it should be created in the “Profile - Tracker” section. After filling in the Configuration field and filling in the fields with utm tags, follow the simple tips.

If you do not have time to create a promotional link or if you have any questions when creating, contact your manager.

You can track traffic by promo links in the “Statistics” section. This section is updated once every 2 hours.

How can I get and connect a no deposit casino bonus to my promo link?

If you want to connect a no deposit bonus to a promotional link, contact technical support or your manager. No-deposit bonuses are connected exclusively by affiliate managers. Specialists will create new promo links for you and add bonuses to them. Alternatively, they will connect no deposit bonuses for players to the old links, depending on your wishes. Bonus activation takes from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Therefore, make sure that you do not need bonuses urgently, or contact the manager in advance.

I would like to receive unique promotional materials. Who can help me with this?

A personal manager of an affiliate program can help you with creating promotional materials. You just need to contact the manager, indicate all the requirements and wishes for the advertising materials that you would like to receive, and then wait until they are ready. We not only develop promotional materials for webmasters but also consult on the appropriateness of advertising in a particular case.

From promotional materials, you can order text reviews for all brands and in several versions, order news for one or all projects, request banners in .gif or .jpeg format for your resource or other sites for placement. You can also order a connection of no deposit bonuses to all promotional links or only to some. For the sum of no deposit bonuses and the conditions for receiving them, you should contact the support service or personal manager.

Payment information

What are the payment methods?

Commissions earned by the webmaster can be withdrawn twice a month. The affiliate program has 2 payout periods: from 1 to 15 of each month and from 16 to 30 (31) of each month. For the first period, payment is made until the 20th day, and for the second - up to the 5th day every month.

Payments are made to electronic wallets and bank cards. So that specialists in the financial service can make a withdrawal of funds, it is advisable the webmaster should fill in the data on cards and electronic wallets in his account. Also, you can contact your affiliate manager if you wish to change the priority of cards for withdrawing funds.

Payments are made on QIWI, Epayments. Visa/Mastercard, Yandex.Money and Webmoney. Specify the commission for the transfer to each of the methods from your manager, or in the support of the affiliate program. The minimum amount for payment is 150 USD. There is no maximum payout amount.

Minimum payout amount?

The minimum amount of a webmaster’s commission payment that can be paid out is 150 USD. In the case when the income for the period is lower than the specified amount, the amount for the current period is transferred to the payment of the next period and paid if the minimum allowable amount for payment is reached.

Is the negative balance carried forward to the next period?

Negative balance values for the current period are not carried over to the next period. They are automatically deducted by the affiliate program. The write-off process takes place the day after the end of the last day of the reporting period.

What will I get if I bring a friend?

Each partner has the opportunity to increase their income by attracting new webmasters to cooperation, receiving 10% of the income of each of the partners cited by him *. To receive deductions, the affiliate must invite the webmasters to register at their referral link. A unique link for attracting partners is located in the profile of each partner in the Referral program section.

* the percentage is relevant for partners working on the Revenue Share program

When are referral payments executed?

Payment of income received through the referral program (% of the income of the listed webmasters) is executed once a month. According to the results of the calendar month, payments are sent to electronic wallets and bank cards by the 5th day of the month following the reporting month.

What percentage will I receive if the referral works on CPA?

If the partner referred to under the referral program works under the CPA program, the nomber of deductions will be 2.5% of the nomber of referral deposits.

What happens to a negative referral income?

The negative balance on the referral program at the time of payment is automatically written-off by the CashHunter affiliate program. The write-off process takes place the day after the end of the last day of the reporting month. Interest rates are can be changed CashHunter affiliate program management without prior notice to webmasters.

CashHunter cooperation programs

What is Revenue Share and by what formula is my income calculated?

Revenue Share involves sharing the profit between the webmaster and the income of projects presented in the affiliate program. The profit of the project is the lost funds deposited into the player’s account. From the profit of the project, commissions are charged directly to the webmaster himself.

Webmaster’s profit calculation formula (Deposit - Game service fee - Withdrawal) x% RS = profit, where:

  • Deposit - deposited funds;
  • Game service fee - commission for games, platform and payment systems;
  • Withdrawal – the player wins.

The commission for games, platform, and payment systems is up to 32% and is considered as a project expense.

What is a CPA program?

CPA means Cost per Action or the Payment for action. By action is meant the player’s first deposit. In the event that the partner works according to the CPA model, the affiliate program pays him the player’s first deposit. CPA working conditions, namely: in what terms it is paid, whether all first deposits are accepted, what traffic can be connected to projects, and also at what price accepted conversions will have - they are discussed individually with each webmaster. To clarify the working conditions for CPA, you should contact the CashHunter affiliate program support service or your manager.

How can I track registrations and deposits of my players?

During the advertising of the affiliate program brands, each partner is given a unique promotional link. It contains the partner system code and link code. All the codes of partners or links in the affiliate program are absolutely unique. By placing your unique link in the advertising material, you can be sure that all the players who registered on it are assigned to you.

Statistics on players and on your traffic, in general, is displayed in your account in the "Statistics" section. Here you can see how players register by clicking on your promo links, as well as making deposits. Besides, there will be available information on bonuses that the player will take, on hits, hosts, and new users. In statistics, you will see your income, depending on the connected program and commission.

Where can I see my income and track the player’s actions?

In the personal account of each webmaster, you can track the number of clicks and registrations on affiliate links, the number and amount of FD, and player deposits, as well as see your income. To do this, go to the Statistics tab - General statistics is in the left column of the site. Statistics are updated once per hour, above the table is indicated the time of the last data update. There are also filters above the table to find the necessary information quickly. You can filter the data by period, tracker, promo, and brand.

In the table with statistics you can see such data:

  • Date - the day on which the information in the line is displayed.
  • Hits - clicks on the link and clicks on the casino pages.
  • Hosts - unique users who clicked the link for the first time today.
  • New users - unique users who follow the link for the first time since the brand’s existence.
  • Registration count - the number of registrations for your affiliate links.
  • Bots - search engine robots.
  • Deposits number - the number of deposits made by players using your affiliate links.
  • FD number - the number of first deposits made by players using your affiliate links.
  • FD amount - the sum of the first deposits made by players using your affiliate links.
  • Deposit amount - the amount of deposits made by players using your affiliate links.
  • Casino Promo - displaying all the bonus money that players received (percentage bonus on deposit, free spins, cashback, no deposit free spins, and no deposit bonuses).
  • Game service fee - commission for games, platform and payment systems, which can reach up to 32%, and is considered a project expense.
  • Payouts to players - winnings received by players.
  • Webmaster’s income - your income, which is generated automatically according to the partner’s profit calculation formula.

Also, at the bottom of the table is the row Total, in which the column data is summed over some time.